Naked Truth.

You want the naked truth and at the same time you want it to be a lie.

Oh darling!

Have you ever seen water blending with the crude oil?


My day, My birthday (My Introduction)

On 17th June 1994 i was born, since it is my birthday and i thought it would be a perfect day for my introduction, or more like a brief story on my life and the lessons i learned through these phases of life.


Presently i am in 3rd year of my engineering course, how i landed here? read the full blog,
during these years i developed a keen interest in art, drawing and writing. Calling myself self taught artist would not be fair in this era of YouTube and google, you have all the resources which you get online to learn anything, even no one is really a self taught artist, they are simply not affiliated to a fine arts college or so. To become a master or professional all you need is consistency, smart work and the most important thing that is patience.

How i got started to learn?


i had a good interest in poetry and rap when i was very young, i was very interested in rap music and it started on a Facebook group when i saw some folks rap battling online, and yeah i took a beef which is actually funny and that what made me to write, so i wrote some short bars, later i wrote songs and found some friends of same interest and we formed a rap band called “the untitled thugs”.
and it went on for few years and i quit writing after that due to some issues which i have explained in full blog and i resumed writing a year back,now i write short poems, short stories and quotes now.

art and sketching:

i was always amazed with the artworks of some great sketch artists and i wished if i could ever learn to draw, the internet played a big role and saw some YouTube tutorial videos and i picked up this new hobby to draw, and i was fun and it felt like “yeah this is what i wanted to do” and i took it a step further and it became my passion but i wasn’t showing any progress in my art, but actually i was, i was learning how to learn, i used to watch tons of videos random videos and and it went so messy, i was confused what to learn first colors ,painting ,sketching, making portraits? slowly i learned to sort things out, everything has a sequence, so does this learning process and picked up only few channels which would ran through the whole process and had actually a sequence from where to start and how to start and i made a huge progress since then.

My Childhood:

I was a type kid who would ask lots of questions, confused from the beginning. i had no particular interests, an average kid, average at studies, activities. Only one thing i was good at was my imagination, i used to imagine and wonder a lot. But i couldn’t do anything special out of it, but as i grew up my nature of “trying to do everything kicked in”.


This was the time when so many of my interests developed, in the beginning my interests were in sports like karate, football and they kept changing, but later i was more concerned about the studies and so i choose to learn science and i was so sure to pursue my career in science and to become a doctor, why a doctor? because the doctors are the most reputed people in our society and i believed the best way to serve humanity was by becoming a doctor. But during my high school i developed a good interest in rap music and writing like song lyrics and quotes, so we started a rap band and was drifted in my imaginations and had no idea about how life and today’s society works, i would spend all my pocket money on this stuff and side by side i was studying for medical entrance tests. Then the reality kicked in and it was my 12th high school results and i was failed in my mathematics paper and it distracted me so much and i couldn’t focus on anything, (later i find out it was a technical error and i didn’t fail actually) but it did enough damage, now i was hardly studying or hardly writing or making any music and my entrance test results were a disaster. so i decided to get a temporary admission in a non professional course (BSc) as a backup should try again next year for my entrance tests.

COLLEGE: The toughest time of my life.

Now i was doing a BSc course and almost my each and every friend went to do a professional degree like engineering and MBBS (medical doctor) , now i was doing BSc and side by side i was studying for medical entrance exams and slowly realized i couldn’t handle them both, so i hardly used to go to the college and now even i also realized that i am not going to qualify the entrance exams and didn’t have enough resources to go to a private college to become a doctor. Now i was on an unknown island and had no idea what to do with my life. Anyways i managed to somehow pass my first year and also gave my medical entrance tests and again it was a disaster, but i was so sure that i would qualify in agricultural entrance test, which was my mini backup plan to get me out of this college, so i withdrew my admission from that college and for some time i released myself from the misery but my life shattered when i find out that i haven’t also qualified in agricultural entrance test i was not even near. I was more frustrated then i ever was, now i was completely doing nothing and i was not anymore on a lonely island but in the middle of an ocean, where i was about to get drowned and the best part was my parents didn’t even know anything about all this, they thought i doing my BSc from the college which i hated. I was all on my own, But since Geminis likes to sail in thousands of boats at the same time,the reason why we adapt so fast ,Now it was a do or die situation and decided to try my luck again for the last time in medical entrance exams but this time i knew chances are very less since you have to be among top 200 out of 50 thousand candidates also choose to study for engineering entrance exams, i had a slight interest in physics and designing, and luckily i qualified the the engineering test with a decent rank, but remember it was a backup.The big event was yet to come, The medical entrance test, the moment i have waiting for 3 years now. so i went to an internet cafe to download my admission slip for the test, and it wasn’t there, that year there were some new formalities introduced to be fulfilled by the candidates in order to appear in the entrance exam, and guess what i didn’t fulfill those formalities with the result i could not appear in the exam.

Engineering :

“adapt to survive”

left with only one option now i had to take engineering, so i choose to be a mechanical engineer because its just cool. This college gave me the best memories, best friends , best moments, a new journey where i left all my misery behind.

10 major lessons i learned so far.

  • Never Give up and never loose hope.
  • You get what you are destined for, be happy with what you have and never loose faith in what you believe in.
  • if you want to sail two boats make sure they are of same type.
  • where you are is not who you are_ by nayirah waheed
  • not only doctors can serve the humanity, even a little smile can make someone’s day.
  • you cannot learn everything and save everyone.
  • channel your obsessiveness , order your chaos.
  • control is power
  • you need to master the rules so that you can break them.
  • go after creating a good impact rather than happiness, that’s how people will remember you.

I Thank everyone for a being part of my life, especially my family and my friends and thank you everyone for wishing me on my birthday.

Starting to learn the gesture drawing from the scratch.


Gesture drawing is simply a drawing in which we focus on capturing the motion of anything, whether its a human body, mountains, woods etc gestures are everywhere.

drawing by proko.

How i started?

I did not knew about the concept of gesture drawings,

with the reason my drawings were very stiff and Flat, like in this image below.

Then i researched a bit and found some concepts to make your drawings more dynamic and appealing. There are many concepts in this blog i am going to mention 2 which i learned for the basic shapes only describing the motion of the figure.

Concept #1: CSI curves

In this concept, to show the gesture we only use S C I type of curves. for example

Avoid straight lines and don’t pay attention on the contours use your imagination and follow the story which a gesture is telling.


very very important thing to keep in mind is that exaggerate every line and curves you draw without loosing the form that will make your sketches look more dynamic.

Concept #2: BEANS


What are beans?

Beans are two ovals overlapped on each other and here we are going to use them to describe the motion.

From the human body anatomies our rib cage and torso is approximately oval shaped, combining them together we get the overall gesture of the body as shown here.

mannequinization-proko-drawing-figure edit

Notice the center line is very important here as it describes the curve of the front or the back.

whats Next?

Once you practice these techniques enough to have the sense of motion , your drawings will automatically look more realistic and beautiful.

practicing them is easy and it will take you about 30 secs to 3 minutes to draw a single figure. you should at least draw 30 figures a day, i guarantee you that it will improve your drawing skills a hell lot……

If you find this blog helpful, please like my blog and share it or leave your feedback in the comments that will really encourage me to make more blogs like these.

If you want to reach out to me or have any question email me @ tafazulmattoo@gmailcom or text me on Instagram


My next blogs will be on more techniques and how to add volume to your frames..

Poetry Challenge Monthly Prompt and Poetry Writing Tips.

Here is my Poetry submission for the June prompt:

the thought which brings chaos to me,

is the thought i spread,

but with an illusion of stability.

red gray and yellow abstract painting
Photo by Steve Johnson on

And now for the rewrite aiming for more concrete words:

the thought which brings the disorder like the abrupt heavy rain,

is the thought i spread like the erupting volcano spreads the dust,

but with an illusion of stability.

closeup of mirror shards
Photo by Amber Lamoreaux on

Which one is better and which one i like more:

In my personal opinion use of concrete words depends upon the mood of your poem, for example if you want to express your love through the poem using the concrete words will be very effective, on the other hand if you want your poetry cold and confusing then i wont go for concrete words.

for more poetry tips and chalange click the link below…

Poetry Challenge Monthly Prompt and Poetry Writing Tips

Selenophile: The love for moon.

In my childhood i always used to chase the moon, hoping one day i will catch her.

It felt like the more i ran towards her the more she ran away from me.

But one day i stopped chasing her and i realised she wasn’t running away from me,

She was just running with me.

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