The A and I poetry challenge (my submission) and poetry tips.

August Prompt:  Writing a Heart poem

yes,i don’t have a heart to love.

yes, i don’t know how to love.

yes, i am hard to love.

yes,  i am cold for love.

yes , i am a liar for love.

yes, i do need your love.

_Tafazul Mattoo

August Poetry Writing Tips

Finding inspiration to write poetry isn’t always easy or may not come automatically to many of us. Sometimes, our minds just get stuck for the right word. Or you can feel the word on the tip of your tongue but cannot get it out?

There are loads of tools on the net to help you in this sticky situation.

This month we look at some sites to help us find inspiration and words for our Poetry.


The most popular rhyming dictionary is RhymeZone. Enter the word you need a rhyme for and Rhymezone returns multiple words that rhyme. RhymeZone also has some useful advanced features. If you want to find words that rhyme with love, just enter “love” at Rhymezone and you will get responses for one syllable and multi-syllable rhyming words. You can also search for synonyms or even definitions with this site.

Rhymes Lexemic

This site gives you options to vary the number of syllables and use a pronunciation search as opposed to one that searches on correct spelling alone.


This site gives you options in other languages

allows you to search by tag, rhyme and submit your creation online so you can read others’ poems for inspiration.

This site gives you words that sound good together even if don’t technically rhyme.

More Rhyming Dictionary Sites

____BY  Forestwood

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  1. Wow! I like your honesty and directness in this poem. I also like the repetitive style you chose. It really words here. I can almost imagine this as lyrics to a pop song.Well done!!!

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